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Face recognition

Face Recognition Time Clock                

The superior speed and accuracy of Face Recognition

Do you want a Time & Attendance system that can usually pay for itself within a few months?

Enjoy the benefits of using accurate Face Recognition to clock on/off your employees. Infrared and optical cameras plus fast enrollment ensure easy operation.


Once registered, all it takes is for you to stand in the reader zone and look at the device - done.

Whilst the device is best utilised in medium to large businesses, it is also ideal for smaller operations where payroll data is needed. Time clocks are not designed for outdoor use, so must be installed inside where lighting and weather will not affect the device.

Staff enrollment is easily completed via the onboard menu. System set up and device settings are also completed via the menu screens. Pin code or RFID cards can also be used for additional ID access - recommended for Admin privilages.

Before implementing a biometric system, read the note at the bottom of this page.

Are you having issues with your current fingerprint time clock?

Face recognition does not require people to touch the device to work. This gives a more hygenic workplace plus means less user error with finger placement. It also overcomes most harsh working environments where temperature and factory conditions make fingerprint use unreliable.

Installation is uncomplicated - just set the wall bracket, connect the device to your network or pc/switch via network cable and then plug into a power point. You are now ready to start setting up.


Do you need to export your data to a payroll program?


BundyPlus™ Time & Attendance software is the recommended software to work with our face recogonition clock. It can export timesheets to your payroll software - MYOB, Wage Easy, Attache, Pronto and most popular payroll applications.

Employee work times are automatically calculated by the system ready for authorisation during the payrun cycle. Once all staff have been checked data is then saved in a file format compatible with the import function of your payroll program.

BundyPlus is a seperate software cost - $540 + GST for the Business Edition. All software purchases include 12 months software support to get you going.

Follow the link to learn more about BundyPlus™ software - BundyPlus

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BundyPlus is designed and supported in Australia for local businesses.

Customer comment:

It has been over a year since we installed your system and we haven’t looked back!  

We needed to upgrade our manual time & attendance system, but were concerned with using a biometric clock because of our industrial work environment.   However, your iFace380 Face Recognition clock & Bundy Plus package has worked wonderfully!

It was easy to install, setup and use. Best of all, the amount of time spent processing payroll has dramatically reduced.

Universal Anodisers - Wetherill Park NSW

Check out the video below for a brief overview of how the iFace time clock works and is set up.



The Device:

Face, PIN and RFID recognition modes (or combination of modes for extra security).

The unit captures the relative position, size and shape of the user's eyes, nose, cheeks and jaw to ensure accuracy of identification.

All settings are done on the 3inch TFT colour touch screen.

Infrared optical system allows for user identification in poorly lit environments.


Display  3 inch touch screen
Face Templates  400 (1:N)
ID Card Capacity (RFID)  10,000
Log Capacity  100,000
Communication  Ethernet & USB **
Standard Functions  Workcode, T9 Input, Bell,
Power Supply  12v 1.5A [included]
Verification Speed  < 1 second
Dimensions  104.7 x 160 x 36mm
Weather Rating  Indoor use only
** USB function does not work with BundyPlus software, but can be used to download and back-up device data

Notes on implementing a biometric time clock

Both large and small businesses will spend significant time researching the selection of biometric devices to integrate with their time and attendance software. Yet when it comes to implementation, companies often believe “the faster, the better!”.

Although you may be eager to see immediate benefits, biometric readers that capture in/out punches of employees can result in a solid ROI for organizations of all sizes. However faster is not necessarily better. Adoption of new devices can be difficult and if employees fail to use them, the ROI payback can extend from 3 months to up to a year.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take in order to ensure biometric success. Like any change in the workplace, employees often view new technology with cynicism and an “us vs. them” mindset can easily develop. Biometrics in particular can be viewed negatively by staff, potentially stirring ideas about Big Brother watching over or lack of trust from management.

With well thought out explanation and communication, biometrics can be received by employees as a positive sign that their company is technically advanced, smart with their money, looking to preserve jobs and operate efficiently. It is also essential to ensure you provide proper warning or discussion before a biometric reader appears on a wall. Lack of communication will leave your supervisors and employees to interpret this change on their own.