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Face Recognition Time Clock

Choosing the right time clock can have a big impact on your business

For many business owners the decision to invest in new time clocks and software can be rough.

Time and Attendance software can have a positive impact on your bottom line, even if you are running a small business.

Automated systems can easily pay for themselves when compared to a manual time system, not to mention cutting out errors such as overpayments, inaccurate clock times and ease of use.

Like other types of electronic time clocks, you will receive many benefits:

  1. No time theft - you can only clock on yourself, not another person

  2. Staff are more punctual as there is no guessing of times they start/finished

  3. Data is easily exported to your payroll program for processing

  4. Time savings for your business in staff time taken to process weekly payroll

Give us a call for our competitve pricing (with no ongoing fees)
About your new time clock

Face recognition does not require anyone to physically touch the time clock to clock in. This means faster staff throughput as there is less errors or wasted time trying to get the clock to work. Errors due to staff use of the time clock are greatly reduced - no touching needed.

Twin optical and infrared cameras allow use in a range of lighting situations. Even in the dark

To register a person, the clock will capture the relative position, size and shape of the user's eyes, nose, cheeks and jaw to ensure accuracy of identification. Once this is done, it only takes less than 2 seconds for a person to be recognised and clocked in/out.

To install your face time clock, you need only a power point and connection to your office network. Most times this is by a Cat5 cable to your switch, but a WiFi repeater could be used.

Face recognition also overcomes most harsh working environments where temperature and factory conditions make fingerprint time clocks unreliable. Our face clocks have proven themselves in many factory environments over the last 7 years, and still going strong.

For admin purposes, you can also access the clock by pin code or RFID card.

How to export your data to a payroll program

BundyPlus™ Time & Attendance software is the software we use with our face recogonition clock. It can export timesheets to your payroll software - MYOB, Wage Easy, Attache, Pronto and most popular payroll applications.

Australian designed and supported BundyPlus also comes with a support package. Unlike other opposition products, you have unlimited employees and no ongoing subscriptions.

Follow the link to learn more about BundyPlus™ software - BundyPlus

Check out the video below for a brief overview of how the time clock works and is set up.



Display  3 inch touch screen
Face Templates  400 (1:N)
ID Card Capacity (RFID)  10,000
Log Capacity  100,000
Communication  Ethernet & USB **
Standard Functions  Workcode, T9 Input, Bell,
Power Supply  12v 1.5A [included]
Verification Speed  < 1 second
Dimensions  104.7 x 160 x 36mm
Weather Rating  Indoor use only
Optional functions Lock control, Door sensor, Exit button,
** USB function does not work with BundyPlus software, but can be used to download and back-up device data