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BundyPlus™ - Time & Attendance Software

Want a proven business grade Time & Attendance program?

BundyPlus is Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne specialising in employee time and attendance solutions since 2004.

Now you can have the best face recognition time clock connected to a Time & Attendance program designed and supported in Australia for local businesses.

Unlimited employees, bonus 12 months software support and no ongoing subscription fees are just some benefits.

BundyPlus is suitable for small business (1-10 employees) medium company (10-100+ employees) and large corporate or government departments (1000+ employees).

Software purchased includes a single pc user license - additional licenses can be purchased as required. Please ask for more details if unsure of your requirements.


How does BundyPlus work?

BundyPlus does all the running around for you, collating employee clocking from your time clock(s) and saves them into a central database. Once in the database payroll administrators can easily assign ordinary time, over time whilst production managers can review employee attendance information in real time. 

Timesheet exports are available for MYOB, Wage Easy, Micropay, Pronto, Visipay and many other payroll programs.

Employee time management [job costing] can also be set on the time clock which BundyPlus will then allocate times against for reporting.

Download brochure on BundyPlus + Face Time Clock

BundyPlus is not included in the price of our face time clock. It is purchased from us and will be included with the shipment of your device. Cost $540 + GST.

BundyPlus provides a graphic User Interface which is easy to understand and navigate. 

Extract of individual employee worksheet showing weekly summary report.