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Time & Attendance – Face Recognition Time Clocks

These days, managing staff payrolls and benefits is a major element of any business – large or small.  Manual and semi-manual recording of staff work times make this task more laborious and prone to errors and abuse – all of which cost you money. 

The following link helps to quantify the potential costs of inefficient staff time recording (Reduce costs fact sheet)

For medium to large businesses requiring a new time clock, Face Recognition time clocks are recommended.  Face scanning is one of the quickest and most accurate of the biometric technologies where large numbers of people are involved. It has hygiene benefits over fingerprint devices where everyone has to place their finger on the same sensor. Face recognition is also more user friendly and has less user errors than fingerprint time clocks.

Face recognition time clocks are quick and easy for staff to use.  Whether you have 20 staff or 2,000 staff, installing a face recognition time clock can be justified by savings in time, productivity and money.

The extra benefits of using Biometric Time Clocks is that the data will be authentic and accurate and you will be paying the correct wages and benefits to staff for the actual hours they have worked. No-one can clock on or clock off for their mates. Studies have shown staff are more punctual when using a biometric time clock.

For internal office use, installation is as simple as mounting the wall bracket and finding a close power point to use and connecting to your pc network (Cat5 cable)

BundyPlus Time & Attendance software package is the recommended software to be used. It is designed for Australian businesses, fully supported here in Australia and is compatible with most leading Accounting and Payroll software programs used in Australia. Once set up, it provides direct data export to your existing payroll software. You can save the cost of manual data entry or of using a bureau service.

You get the convenience, authenticity and accuracy of Face Recognition Biometrics with the savings of efficient, automated data gathering and processing.

BundyPlus requires cabled network access to enable data downloads and reporting from the time clock.

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TIME CLOCKS – Automated Time Management

  • Eliminates “Buddy Punching”
  • Accurate, automated records save you time, effort and money
  • Suitable for any medium to large sized business [10 employees up]

 Face Time Clock     

Small and compact Face Recognition unit. Access by face/pin code/card.

Perfect for medium and large sized businesses.

Infrared and optical cameras plus fast enrollment ensure easy operation.



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  • Basic internal office fitouts only need access to a power point and RJ45 network wall socket plug plus cable
  • Installation circumstances can vary greatly from site to site and, accordingly, a suitable local installer should be used to inspect the site and quote for installation
  • All Time & Attendance System devices come with an installation template and instructions