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Lock Management System For Accomodation Venues

Do you want a hotel door lock system which has been proven in the tough International hotel market, yet is priced below other comparable systems.

The Mi-Lock Lock Management System is suitable for accommodation venues of all types and office environments where controlled access and entry records are required. Locks are stainless steel construction using Mifare Card technology. It also comes with user friendly Management Software.

It is ideal for new or retro-fit situations and gives you the convenience and control of a centrally managed system plus an audit trail of the entry records of each lock. Anti-Panic Egress for quick exit in any emergency and fire safety compliance is standard.

Complete your package with the optional Energy Savers and you could reduce your electricity bills by up to 35%

 happy motel customers

The management system uses Mifare Cards which are encrypted for use at your venue only and will not demagnetise when placed in a wallet with other cards.  You register these cards on an Encoder connected to your PC at a central point (eg: Reception).  The software easily allows you to quickly and simply encode start and finish dates/times plus all allowed access points (eg: Room, Floor, Car park, Gym, Pool, Conference Room). 

Management/Staff cards give you the control you desire to open all or specific Mi-Locks or to set them on passage mode when needed.  The hand held reader can download the user log from each Mi-Lock and then upload the records to your PC.

The Mi-Lock Management System allows you to have a high quality lock system that has all the features to suit a 5 Star Hotel but at a budget price. It also means you have the peace of mind of a very secure lock system and the convenience of eliminating all the hassles and costs of using and maintaining keys or the possibility of someone duplicating a key. 


  • Suitable for commercial applications where timed access is required
  • Entry records are kept for each lock and downloadable to your pc
  • Mifare Cards will not demagnetise when placed in a wallet next to other cards
  • Free 2 sided colour printing when 200 cards or more are ordered
  • See accessory page for wall mount readers suitable to control other door types

covetek hotel lock

B Series Hotel Lock

For use in hotels, motels, offices

A professional system proven in the international hotel marketplace

Stainless Steel lock bodies/ANSI 5 latch electronic mortise/emergency key

System package includes software/printed cards/encoder/hand held reader

Quality and functionality at an economical price

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