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Customer comments:


As an owner of a medium sized business in a remote part of Australia (Cairns Nth Qld) it is refreshing to deal with a company that prides itself on good old fashioned service and delivers on that promise.

The Covetek technology is cutting edge, simply explained and exquisitely designed door hardware.

It’s a pleasure to do business with Covetek

Greg Roberts


TCM Strata/TCM Rentals

Recently we had a problem with our door lock. I emailed over a weekend and was so pleased when George phoned. He started the conversation by telling me I was getting a new lock then asked what had happened. There was no blame placed on me.  This company is so proud and sure of their product that my lock was replaced with a new lock that was couriered to me. Excellent service, excellent product and I'm telling everyone I know about this. 

Thank you again. 

Thalia (phone and email supplied)

Express Business Group recommend Covetek

For our new national support office, we had security and reliability in mind. We spent a long time online researching and hours spent on ebay. I was very impressed at the level of security and support the Covetek door locks were claiming.

I purchased 2 Covetek Sentry Fingerprint locks and was able to install them by using the clear, easy to follow instructions. At Express Business Group we have a lot of areas that need to be accessed by only certain people.  The locks enabled us to do this very easily. We now have a total of 7 of these devices and will be acquiring more in the near future.

We have been EXTREMELY impressed with the after sales support Covetek supplied us.  We would recommend the products sold by Covetek to anyone looking for affordable, secure and quality locking systems.

Stuart - I.T Manager
Express Business Group

'it has almost been a year since we installed your system and we haven’t looked back!  We needed to upgrade our manual time & attendance system, but were concerned with using a biometric clock because of our industrial work environment. However, your iFace380 Face Recognition clock & Bundy Plus package has worked wonderfully! It was easy to install, setup and use - it really is a plug and play system.  

Best of all, the amount of time I spend processing payroll has dramatically reduced, it is no longer an arduous process since I’ve been using the iFace380 System!

Elizabeth – Human Resource & Payroll Manager

Universal Anodisers

Wetherill Park NSW

Laser Deadbolt - "Lock finally installed and works very well and solves our needs. Looks good too - very contemporary outside. I'm going to write an article for Disability magazines as it is a very easy to install and use option compared to expensive hardwired locking systems. The lock performs great and looks great from outside. It is a great product for disabled users and general public too."

Colin Johanson (VIC) www.coolmobility.com.au


Testimonial. (Face Time clock)

These are a great time saver for attendance and access.

Timothy - Dynmast Pty Ltd.

LifeTec  (funded by Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services) would like to thank Covetek for its contribution to the Smart Assistive Technology workshops. They were a great success and the feedback we have received from participants has been tremendously positive.  Without the access to these products and services, the workshops would not have been able to be delivered in the practical/hands-on way we were able to present.


We are committed to continuing our role to educate and inform both clients and service providers about the virtues of Smart Assistive Technology. Once again, a big thanks from LifeTec and we hope to continue working with Covetek and your products in the future.


Wol Thiik 

Client Services Officer 

LifeTec - Brisbane

"I would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to have dealt with George and his Company, Covetek. It is a wonderful product … I don’t know how I lived without it!
I cannot praise George and his Company, Covetek, highly enough."  (Gwyneth NSW)


We purchased the BioDoor Sentry lock for our main entrance and just love it.  I am a quadriplegic with limited hand function, so cannot use a Key or most keypads.
This lock gives me the independence to come and go as I please while maintaining full security. It offers three entry access options for me. Exiting requires no unlocking which is great in the event of fire or emergency.
Apart from my family, I have carers three time a day every day, and visiting relatives and friends who use their prints.  We have full control over who has access and there are no privacy issues.
We installed the lock ourselves in a conventional external door and will be taking it with us when we move!

Martin (Tweed Heads NSW)

Covetek Electronic Lock – Perfect Solution                                                         
 " We started to look for the best lock for the guests’ entry door of our B&B when we came across Covetek Digital Deadbolt lock.  It was more than five years ago, we bought and installed it and now we are sure it was the best option possible.                        
The lock relieved us from the burden of handing keys to our guests, but more importantly getting them back, or going through costly changing of the lock when keys were lost or stolen. There is more, we now can change the code at any time and text it to our guests and workers. The moment one of our guests or staff members leave, we change codes and the number of combinations is practically endless.                     
The lock is well designed and keypad is lit so there are no problems at night. Now, when greeting a new guest we start from instructing them how to open the door from outside and inside and are very often complemented on how easy and, at the same time, how secure it is. Electronic lock on separate guests’ entry door is listed as one of the features of our B&B.  We can recommend it to any private property or business which issues keys to family, guests or staff, as a secure, affordable and convenient locking system. "   
Michael & Natalie Muski - Astoria Retreat B&B (WA)


“My family has been Covetek customer for several years now.  We have used two models, both fingerprint locks, and we are now using Sentry Locks in two of our properties because of its quality and convenient  design for apartment/unit door entry.

After a few break-in attempts into one of our apartments, we received  more confidence with this lock, because no matter how the intruders tried to tamper with the lock, even hitting it with the metal object, they couldn’t break it and access into our property.        
I highly recommend Sentry Lock. It is a good inexpensive price for this unique biometric technology in comparison to mechanical locks, which don’t demonstrate the same level of access security…”  


Igor (Roseberry NSW)

* We have used your Fingerprint Deadlock for years. Unfortunately we have misplaced our information guide. It’s about 5 years old at least. It’s the same machine that you had on Sunrise I think.  Can we somehow get the instructions for this as we would like to reprogram it and have no idea how to.  Your help will be much appreciated and we have loved using this machine for years now.


* Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated and helpful.


I’ve forgotten how to use keys and can’t imagine having to use a key anymore or carry one around. We’ve only changed batteries once a year I think. We were worried it might fail and we’d be locked out or have some kind of issue but, nothing. It’s worked fine for years. Thank you again.

Peter K (QLD)

'My Covetek Biodoor Sentry Fingerprint lock has been installed in my home for several years now and has given excellent service. The company representative kindly assisted with the initial installation. Their back-up has been prompt, courteous and efficient. I would be happy to buy again from them again at any time'.

Best wishes,

John. (Sunshine Coast Qld)


Thank you very much for contacting me so quickly and offering a couple of i-Buttons.    

I am very pleased with the lock and congratulate you on a great product. Thank you. 

Nick  (Montrose VIC)

Thank you very much for the new locking system you provided for our office 2 years ago.  It suited our needs perfectly, was as easy to install as a standard lockset and was very affordable.


Your customer service has be outstanding. 

It is reassuring to do business that has such I high focus on customer satisfaction. 

It’s a pleasure doing business with Covetek and hope to get the opportunity to do more in the future.  

Thank you once again for all your time.  


Ben Van Katwyk (Proprietor)


"We operate a bed and breakfast business called Linley House in Sydney and recently had Covetek install a Fingerprint/Digital lock keypad on our front door.  It has enabled us to do away with giving out front door keys to our guests when they arrive and getting the keys back off them when they depart and avoids having to replace keys and changing the lock.
We simply text a four digit number to our guests shortly prior to their arrival and when they leave we delete the numbers from the system.  Guests can now arrive and let themselves into our residence if we are not able to be at home to greet them..
We are delighted with the product and highly recommend its installation".

Chris - Manager [Linley House]

“The team at Covetek have been associated with my hotel business here in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea for some five years now.  I have nothing but praise for the way they operate.
They stand behind their products and their service - nothing is too much trouble - they are always available to assist with any enquires regarding programming or for that matter anything to do with the products they have supplied.
PNG is a trying market for any product. The locking systems (Fingerprint and Digital) supplied to me over the years have managed to survive the extreme treatment they have received.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the products or service at Covetek. Fantastic.”

Dennis Corcoran

(Managing Director)

Corcoran Investments Limited

Papua New Guinea

 I would like to thank you for your efforts and support.

I believe the two most important things that impressed me were, the confidence you showed in your product, and the support that you gave me.

Again, thank you.

Nick Papas

Nick Papas Accounting


Just to let you know your old  Covetek finger scan door lock withstood the punishment of 2 (attempted) break ins.

First time the surrounding steel frame showed it had moved from  its fixings but the lock held.

Second time, the door was kicked several times and still the Covetek door lock held the door locked.

Again when checking the surrounding door frame, we found it had moved about 10mm in from the surrounding wall.


What can I say but if you want your door to keep locked after a severe pounding , I suggest you get yourself a Covetek lock !cid:image002.jpg@01CD5DD2.CF54AA00


Tony Gangemi

Managing Director

Aero Military Products

Hallam    VIC 


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