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Mi-Lock    Lock Management System for Hotel/Motel/Office

Do you want room security and access with simplicity, convenience and control?

Perhaps a professional hotel door lock system like the big Hotels use but at a fraction of the cost?

Then the latest Mi-Lock Management System (with mifare cards) could be just what you have been waiting for.

The heart of the Mi-Lock System is the included software which is simple to learn and use. It allows you to quickly encode guest cards at reception by simply clicking on icons to give access to their room, floor, building, pool, gym, car park – wherever needed – for the duration of their stay.

The guest cards automatically de-activate at your designated check-out time. Staff cards can be programmed for times of access (such as shift times) and area access depending on job roles.

Mi-Lock delivers the convenience and security of Mifare Card access with the strength and good looks of stainless steel. The locks are simple to install and do not require any wiring. Any good carpenter can install these locks.

From the inside, anti-panic egress allows easy exit from the room.

Models available:

  • Standard mifare card

  • Networked with live tracking

  • Mifare with Bluetooth

Cards can be printed with your venue’s details and are encrypted and programmed for exclusive use at your venue. Cards are not inserted into the lock. Instead a guest can leave their card in their wallet and simply hold it in front of the lock to gain access. Mifare cards will not be erased by contacting other cards and do not emit a signal.

Every lock retains a record of the last 800 openings. You use the hand held reader (LMA) to download the user log from any Mi-Lock and then upload it to your PC.  You can then see the date, time and Card ID for all uses in a given time period.

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The Mi-Lock system - Simple, smart, safe and secure!

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Software and Accessories:

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Door Orientation Diagram:

Locks are preset from the factory to suit right or left hand hinged doors.

Please consult the below diagram for determining what type you need.

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