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mifare card hotel door lock

Mi-Lock  -  B Series


What sort of lock do you want to protect your property?

How about one that has been tested and proven in the tough world of electronic hotel locks?

This door lock brings the convenience and security of contactless mifare card access without the high price tag to go with it. Modern, affordable and comes with a 2yr warranty.

Mifare Cards will not be erased by contacting other cards. The card reader scans the Mifare Card and if the data stored in the card’s chip matches with the data stored in the lock, then the door will open. Gone are the old days of sliding your card into a slot and hoping for the best.

This model is universally accepted across many hotels worldwide. A rubber boot for weather sealing is provided when used in an outside environment (motels)

Simple, smart, safe and secure!

Locks are powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. The low battery alarm tells you when it is time to change batteries and leaves you with about 200 uses left in case you don’t take action immediately. If you let the batteries run out, it also has an emergency key so you will not be locked out.

The stainless steel body is not only strong, but is also more resistant to the sea salt in our atmosphere. Locks on doors exposed to outdoor weather (motels) must have sufficient overhead cover protection.

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Card Format Mifare 1K S50
Read Range 45mm maximum
Unlock Time Automatic relocks in 5 seconds
Lock Type Motor drive/latch lock; manual deadbolt
LED / Melody Type 2 colour LED (red & blue)/built in buzzer
Override Mechanical key
Low Battery Alarm Alarm sounds when voltage is below 4.8 volt
Audit Trail Last 800 transactions recorded
Power 4 AA alkaline batteries
Door Thickness   40 - 50mm

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External Wall Readers
  • Suitable for outdoor areas or to control a glass door like used in a building foyer

  • Programmed and work the same as any door lock

  • Requires an electric lock and 12 volt power supply (not included)

  • Could also be used for cabins fitted with sliding doors

hotel card lock reader
Exploded view of components:

mifare card door lock diagram