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BioDoor HL1000  -  Fingerprint Deadbolt
fingerprint deadbolt

Do you want a secure deadbolt with the convenience of NO KEYS

Use your fingerprint, pin code or key (back-up only) to open the door.

The HL1000 uses advanced biometric technology combined with a metal body and solid metal bolt for lasting durability. Works perfectly with existing or new doors fitted with a grab handle.

Simple to program and install with no wiring required – powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries.

The lock has an adjustable back set (60/70mm) which means that it could replace your existing keyed deadbolt. You still maintain the security of a deadbolt but gain the added convenience of keyless entry. Walking the dog or dropping next door to the neighbour just got a whole lot easier.

With a capacity of up to 100 fingerprints and 100 pin codes, it means everyone can be safely added or deleted individually. Fingerprints and pin codes are secured by the Admin mode - no one can be deleted off the lock [or added] without  the Admin person present.

A concealed battery compartment makes sure no one can remove the batteries unnecessarily. A low battery warning is built in as a standard function. Plus with the backup of a key, you still have access if the electronics fail.

This lock is not a keyed deadbolt like Lockwood products. The supplied key is for emergency access into your house only, not to lock yourself inside.

Download a brochure 

NOTE:- Fingerprint Scanning is successful for almost everyone, but not 100% of the population.

Please Note:  This product is designed to be powered by standard Alkaline batteries only.

Use of Lithium or Rechargable batteries is not recommended and should not be used.



Watch the video below to get some tips about installing your HL1000 lock.



Want to know how to program your HL1000 lock?

This link will take you to the HL1000 video page


Components in exploded view:

HL1000 diagram

  1. Key hole cover

  2. Front body (outside)

  3. Rubber boot

  4. Bolt assembly

  5. Mounting plate

  6. Connecting screws

  7. Battery compartment

  8. Rear body (inside)

  9. Connecting screws

  10. Manual key

HL1000 front     



 Case Material   Zinc Alloy 
 Lock Bolt   Cast Steel 
 Identification Mode   Fingerprint or Pin Code 
 Batteries  4 x AA Alkaline LR6 1.5V 
 ID Capacity   100 fingerprint and 100 pin codes 
 Sensor Read Time   < 2 seconds 
 Dimensions    Front - 130H x 68W x 43D mm
   Back - 145H x 68W x 59D mm 
 Door Thickness  35 - 55mm