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BioDoor Sentry K  (Fingerprint / Keypad Door Lock)

New model - fingerprint with a keypad for pin code entry.

Now you can have a fingerprint lock with the added benefit of pin code entry to allow easy access for you or another person.

Imagine the absolute security of your unique fingerprints to unlock your door plus no more hassles with keys or getting locked out again! Need to allow someone inside and your not at home? Save a pin code for emergency entry and give out over the phone if required.

The BioDoor Sentry (Keypad) fingerprint door lock offers the flexibility of three ways to unlock - registered fingerprints, pin code via the keypad or an emergency override key.

The BioDoor Sentry can fit into most existing entrance set set-ups with minimal work needed. Most installs can be done DIY.

The Sentry fingerprint door lock will allow up to 99 fingerprints or pin codes to be registered, including 4 administrator registrations that can be used by the owners to control all programming.

Fingerprint door locks do not record and store your fingerprints, so the privacy of your prints cannot be compromised. It scans for the points of significance in your fingerprint patterns, digitally plots those points and then encrypts this data.

The Sentry has high quality construction, superior security, the convenience of keyless entry, automatic shutdown to conserve batteries plus it's simple to install and operate.It has a weather resistant front body (outside part) with a slim modern chrome finished design that should suit any décor.

Handles can easily be changed from left to right direction to suit your door swing.

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Please Note:  This product is designed to be powered by standard Alkaline batteries only.

Use of Lithium or Rechargable batteries is not recommended and should not be used.

Fingerprint lock with keypad
  • The convenience, security and savings of NO MORE KEYS!
  • Easy to install and retro-fit to most existing latch door locks
  • With 3 entry modes, low battery warning, and emergency power facility, you should never be locked out
  • More secure that traditional keyed locks
  • Local warranty and parts
  • Streamlined, elegant designed door lock in a modern chrome finish
  • Upgraded fingerprint sensor for superior accuracy and reliability
  • LED display allows for easy admin and user management
  • Optional PC connection via USB for data management
  • All programming can be controlled by "Admin" fingerprint or pin code
  • Single security latch with 60/70mm variable backset
  • Retains all registrations and records even if power is lost
  • External terminals for temporary emergency power from a 9V battery
  • Settings for passage mode to enable free entry
  • Low battery warning

Watch the video below to learn how to program and operate your lock:

Want to know how to install the Sentry lock on your door?

This link will take you to the Sentry video page

NOTE:- Fingerprint Scanning is successful for almost everyone, but not 100% of the population. Please contact Covetek for further information.
Access Modes FP, Key pad, Key Lock Control Up to 4 managers. Fingerprint or Pin Code
User Capacity 99 [fingerprint/pin code] Colour Polished chrome [front and back]
Dimensions 70w x 150h x 80d (mm) Materials Zinc Alloy
Mortise/latch Single latch with locking pin Backset 60mm or 70mm
Batteries 4 x AA Alkaline Door Depth 35 - 50mm
Match Speed < 1 second Warranty 12 months
Click on the pictures to see full size images