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Fingerprint and Digital Locks, Fingerprint access control devices and Face Recognition Time Clock systems are improving in technology every day, making them more accessable, whether you be a business or home owner.

You buy an electronic lock or system for the superior security but you will love it for the convenience and peace of mind it brings to your life. No more hassles with keys, nothing to carry or lose, and you should never be locked out again..

Affordable hotel door locks are also one of our most popular products which we receive many enquiries about, so whether it be for a 5 star hotel or country motel see how we can assist you.




    * Do you want the latest Hotel Locks at affordable prices?
    - Our mifare card locks are suitable for all accommodation venues 
Lock Management
    * Do you want your business to improve profit & productivity?
    - See our Biometric Time & Attendance Systems / Time Clocks
Face Recognition Time Clock
    * Do you want Access Control for Day Care Centres?
    - Door/gate entry control with user logs and access time settings
Fingerprint Security
    * Do you want an affordable keyless entry solution? 
    - See our standalone battery operated range
Front Door or Office Locks
    * Do you want improved security and convenience?
    - Standalone or hard wired; Digital or Biometric 
Home, Rental or Office/Factory 
    * Do you want an outdoor/weatherproof solution?
    - Something suitable for external mounting and gates 
Hard Wired Devices 
    * Do you want an Access Control System? 
    - To control a door and set time zones
Domestic  or Commercial

Whatever security (biometric or digital) product you are looking for, we have the information
  • Fingerprint Door
  • Digital Door Lock
  • Face Recognition Time Clock
  • Hotel Door Lock Systems
  • Keyless Door Lock
  • Access Control   Systems

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